News from the Rooms

Orange Room
This term we will be sharing the story ‘One Ted fell out of
Bed’ by Julia Donaldson. We have chosen 6 songs and
rhymes that we are going to be learning with the children,
there is a list beside our Blackboard outside the Orange
room. We are encouraging the children to plan what they
are going to choose to do after snack time by using a ‘Now
and Next ‘board. The children have a photo of themselves
which they can put beside a picture of the activity they
would like to do next. Ask one of the team if you would like
to know more.
Yellow Room
This term we will be exploring the story ‘One is a Snail, Ten
is a Crab’ by April and Jeff Sayre. We will use this story for
counting games. We will be encouraging number
recognition through purposeful use of numbers within
various role play areas this term starting with a vet’s clinic
next week. If you have any spare cat/small animal carriers
that the children could play with then please let us know!
Both Rooms
This term both rooms will be looking at the Bible story ‘The
Lost Sheep’. We will use this story to explain to the
children how we are all special and loved even when we
don’t make the best choices for ourselves. We will support
children in using a problem solving approach to conflict
We will be inviting Mel Currer to come back to continue
sharing some Godly Play sessions with us.
As you know there is some disruption on the roads around
pre-school with water work maintenance. We are excited
to seize the chance to take the children to the front of the
church to watch what is going on and we have invited a
digger to visit Noah’s Ark next week!

Happy New Year

All of us at Noah’s Ark
would like to wish you a
very Happy New Year.
Chinese New Year is
early February this year
and is the year of the
‘pig’. If any of you
usually celebrate this we
would love it if you
would come into a circle
time to tell the children
about how you
celebrate it and what
this celebration means
to you.

News from
The Office and CRBC

  • Welcome back everyone to 2019.
  • You all should have received an
  • invoice for this term. If you have
  • not please do let me know so
  • that I can check we have correct
  • details for you.
  •  If your child is claiming extended
  • funding (30 hours) please can you
  • renew your code when you
  • receive notification from HMRC
  • and let the office know when this
  • is done.
  •  The Nearly new sale team will be
  • emailing out soon about the next
  • sale on the 30th March. So if you
  • would like a seller slot or are able
  • to help please do look out for this
  • email.