At Pre-school your child will continue to discover what it means to be an effective learner by playing and exploring, being willing to ‘have a go’, getting involved, developing perseverance and enjoying their achievements. They will also develop their own ideas, make links between concepts and choose different ways to do things. We aim to provide a rich and varied environment which supports children’s learning and development both indoors and outdoors.

Children gain skills and understanding through their play sessions especially when they are able to share their enjoyment with adults and to talk about their discoveries. At Pre-school children are not taught, but learn in their own time.

Children learn best by playing and exploring, by being given physical and mental challenges and by having adults who can support them and encourage them to think critically and ask questions.

There are three prime areas and four specific areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Together these areas help children to gain the skills, knowledge and experiences appropriate for children as they grow, learn and develop.