We are a Christian Pre-school established in September 1986. Some of our leaders are part of the fellowship at Cairns Road Baptist Church or members of other local churches. We are an integral part of the church's ministry into the community and our aim is to 'support children and families with God's love and practical care'.  ‘Noah’s Ark @CRBC’ is the charitable company that oversees the Pre-school and the other daytime activities for younger children and their families that happen at Cairns Road.

Five key principles  inform  our vision for Noah's Ark:

  1. Building warm and nurturing relationships in partnership with families
  2. Delivering quality Early Years provision for all our children
  3. Valuing every child’s unique character and potential
  4. Promoting a positive team ethos within the Noah's Ark community
  5. Promoting positive connections within the church family and wider community

We value all children as unique people with individual needs and interests.  We are experienced in supporting children with specific additional needs and acknowledge that these children help to improve the quality of our setting because they make it necessary for us to continually adapt our practice in ways which are beneficial for all children.  The Pre-school will support one to one adult support where necessary to enable children to access the whole curriculum.

As a Pre-school team we believe it is in the best interest of small children to attend one setting.  We observe that children who solely attend Noah’s Ark show a stronger sense of belonging and gain more from our planned activities.

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